Constitution and Rules

Women’s Cricket & Associates Golf Society
Constitution and Rules

1. The name of the golf Society is the Women’s Cricket & Associates Golf Society (hereafter called ‘the Society’).
2. The objectives of the Society are to foster the interests of its members in golf by arranging a calendar of golf meetings and fixtures open to all members.
3. The Society will consist of individual members. The rules and regulations of the society are set out below.

a) Any current or former player of women’s cricket may become a member. Friends or family of current members of the Society or current or former women’s cricketers can become members of the Society if they are introduced by an existing member.
b) A President may be elected from the Society membership as recognition of service to the Society. Future Presidents are selected by the retiring President. The President has a 3 year term, with no restriction on renewal.
c) Current members and prospective members eligible to join the membership of the Society will pay an annual subscription as determined from time to time at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
d) Members may nominate other members to the Committee for consideration as Life members. The Committee may offer Life membership to any member who has been a member for a minimum of 20 years and the Committee deems that they have supported the Society on a regular basis. Life membership is at no cost to the recipient.

Committee and duties

4. The Committee will normally comprise three Officers, the Chair, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and four other people, the Venue secretary, the Competition secretary, the Prize secretary and one Co-opted member. Those on the Committee will each have a 2 year term, renewable twice and will be elected from the membership by a vote at the AGM. The Committee will be at liberty to co-opt a member or members of the Society as necessary to join the Committee, as full members of the Committee. The roles and responsibilities of the Committee are available here; the Committee will determine the roles and powers of any co-opted member. Five committee members will constitute a quorum at committee meetings, of which two should be Officers.
5. If the number of the Committee falls below four, the Committee may appoint additional members and they shall hold office until the next General Meeting. In the event of an Officer or other committee member retiring for any reason before the end of their term, a replacement will be elected.
6. The Treasurer is responsible for accounting for each Society meeting individually, and for preparation of the accounts for presentation at the AGM.
7. The Competition Secretary will set the Society handicap of a member in one of two ways:

• If she is a member of a golf club then her handicap will be used, or
• A handicap consistent with her level of play compared with existing Society members will be given.

In addition, she may adjust the handicap of any member on general play at any time if it is considered by her that the member’s current handicap is unfair compared to the rest of the Society. Handicaps used within the Society are not notified to the home golf club of any member, and therefore have no impact or bearing on an official CONGU handicap.
8. The Committee has the power to suspend or expel a member for violation of the rules contained herein following a Committee Meeting, which the member is invited to attend.

General meetings

9. The Committee will fix the date of the AGM to coincide with the October meeting.
10. The Committee of the Society may call an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Society on giving 14 days notice to the members specifying the subject of the meeting. Twenty members may require the committee to call an EGM by written submission specifying the subject of the meeting. The discussions at the meeting shall be strictly limited to that subject.
11. When Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings are held, they will be chaired by the Chair. In her absence, the President will take the chair. Twenty members, including at least two Committee members shall be a quorum.
12. Alterations, additions and/or deletions to the Society’s rules may only be made at a General Meeting.

Responsibilities of members

13. The standards of etiquette and rules of golf as determined by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews shall hold good, together with such local rules and by-laws applicable to the course played.
14. All Society members should behave in a courteous and convivial manner to all members of host clubs whilst on the course and within their clubhouse. Never should we lose sight of the fact that we are their guests.
15. All members must be mindful of the standard of dress required by the Society whilst on the premises of a golf day venue. This will usually entail wearing smart casual golf wear, correct golf shoes, no jeans or T-shirts, whilst on the course.
16. All fees for Society golf meetings will be notified by email and must be paid by the closing date specified in the email.
17. The Society will determine if and when uniform shall be worn.

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