October 2014 – Patshull Park

Friday – The Early Birds

Way back in the midst of time this special Meeting was discussed via e-mail, telephone, carrier pigeon, smoke signals and even snail mail! Should we have a theme? Or should we not? A brief chat was held among the OT’s who had founded this Society (OT’s .. Old Tarts!!) and a theme was decided upon … an Oscars evening, movies, TV, etc., and then a retro Disco of 70’s music!

Those who had arrived the night before arranged to meet in Earl’s. We pottered down and met up with some other early birds. Some had had nightmare journeys, driving through heavy rain, road works, accidents, etc. The Kent contingent, in particular, had a pretty horrendous time with the Dartford Tunnel almost at a standstill! Waiting time at this problematical tunnel varied from an hour to the best part o two hours, then the joys of the M25 took look forward to!
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