Spring 2017 – Ullesthorpe

The Easter meet saw us returning to the familiar haunt of Ullesthorpe Court. Well, somewhat familiar at least – the course has undergone a bit of [temporary] rejigging and revising since our last foray to this venue, which caused a certain level of consternation on day 1! Some of this was caused by the magical GPS watches being rendered almost useless, and the rest by a general sense of befuddlement.

Day 1

The course was not even the only unusual thing for the meet to contend with on day 1: sadly, a longstanding member of Ullesthorpe had recently passed away, meaning that the WCAGS flag could not be flown. Not only that, but two of our reputedly tardier members threw everyone by turning up early. It was suggested that it was a conspiracy, but it being their joint debut as competition secretary it was only right and proper that Anne Crawley and Ruth Bailey made a timely appearance. Their first choice of competition was a three person waltz. Other than ‘tee gate’ – a spot of controversy over the correct tee location on the 14th causing a lot of chat at dinner – everyone enjoyed a sunny but occasionally chilly round. There were a few glowing faces come the evening! A successful day 1 win for Anne, Chris Bailey and Claire Jenkins, ably followed by Kate, Taff and Ellie Martin. Sue Redfern, Coral and Sue Thornley grabbed third place. The “nearest the pins” were taken by Megan Lear and June Edney


The shortened 18th.

Day 2

The second day was the newly-remodelled championship day – all players submitted stableford cards whilst also playing a team stableford competition. The team competition was a bowmaker. The bronze competition saw some incredible banditry from Ellie Martin, who scored 44 points in spite of having been cut 2 strokes the previous evening. When this was revealed at dinner there was a rousing chant of ‘cut cut cut’ from the rest of the meet – 4 more shots were promptly removed. The silver competition was won by Chris Bailey with 38 points, and the gold was wrapped up by Angie Bainbridge on a very impressive 34 points. Val (El presidente) won the over 70s competition with 31 points. There were, however, a notable absence of trophies – if you have one [in your possession], please let Kate or Clarkie know!

In the group competition, Ellie the Bandit helped her group (Claire Jenkins and Gill Smith) to the top in spite of Clarkie’s attempts to break their concentration by nearly hitting them on the 3rd and 5th. Chris Bailey, Val and Baggie took second place, and Clarkie, Liz and Sue Town came in third. Nearest the pin competitions were picked up by Taff and Sue Thornley.

The success on the course seemed to have gone to El Presidente’s head, as for some reason (ok, raising money for Rachel Heyhoe-Flint’s charity) Val agreed to allow Baggie to “style” her hair.


Before and after.

The initial promise of a £2 donation was upped to £32 when the ever-persuasive Pauline Weekes took the hat round. Val received many compliments throughout the evening. Your humble author can neither confirm nor deny the rumour that Val asked Baggie for the name of the hair product next day.

Day 3

The beautiful weather of the competition day didn’t last into day 3, with even a sprinkle of rain to deter us. Not that it did, of course. A Texas scramble was on the menu, although menus were a sore subject after a slight debacle over the eggs at breakfast. It descended into a Victoria Wood-style farce, with some orders being forgotten and others queue-jumping their way to another’s eggs, but it ended with laughter (and eggs) all round. The groupings on day 3 were altered with some people sloping off early, so we had a winning 4-ball group of Angie Bainbridge, Claire Jenkins, Coral and Remi, and a winning 3-ball group of JB, Ruth Bailey and Taff. Angie and Coral also tidied up the nearest the pins.


Claire Jenkins posing in front of the railway arch.

Voting also took place for the new venue finders. Sue Town and Mary Petit have done a sterling job of finding venues for the society, and we thank them profusely. It’s a tough job, but I’m sure we all believe that the new incumbents Megan Lear and Susie Garner will be well placed to continue!

Thanks to all of the committee for working hard to make the meet happen, and bring on the return visit to Ullesthorpe in the Autumn.