The Women’s Cricket & Associates Golf Society are a friendly bunch of souls who like nothing more than a wander round a picturesque golf course with friends. Sometimes the golf is even quite good! (Average society handicap is 21.5)

The society was founded in 1994 by a group of women cricketers, exchanging their cricket bats for golf clubs upon retiring from cricket. Beginning life as an affiliate of the Women’s Cricket Association (WCA), the society became an entity in its own right following the disbandment of the WCA in summer 2015.

The society arranges a calendar of golf meetings, usually in spring and autumn, and some fixtures throughout the year, played by existing members. Membership is open to any current or former player of women’s cricket. Friends or family of current members of the Society or current or former women’s cricketers can become members of the Society if they are introduced by an existing member.